Toward a syntactic reinterpretation of Harris & Halle (2005)

Richard S. Kayne

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    Harris & Halle (2005) present a carefully worked out analysis of certain nonstandard Spanish phenomena involving pronominal clitics and the verbal plural morpheme -n. At issue are plural imperatives in combination with one or more object clitics. In this paper, I suggest that Harris & Halle’s primarily morphological approach to these phenomena should be replaced by a more syntactic approach. The latter seems more revealing and more likely to tie in to other aspects of Spanish grammar (and to aspects of the grammar of other languages/dialects).

    Original languageEnglish (US)
    Title of host publicationRomance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2008. Selected papers from �Going Romance� Groningen 2008
    EditorsReineke Bok-Bennema, Brigitte Kampers-Manhe, Bart Hollebrandse
    PublisherJohn Benjamins Publishing Company
    Number of pages26
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    StatePublished - 2010

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    NameRomance Languages and Linguistic Theory
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