Trans,trans-farnesol, an antimicrobial natural compound, improves glass ionomer cement properties

Aline Rogéria Freire De Castilho, Pedro Luiz Rosalen, Isaac Jordão De Souza Araújo, Igor Lebedenco Kitagawa, Cecilia Atem Gonçalves De Araújo Costa, Malvin N. Janal, Marcelo Corrêa Alves, Simone Duarte, Paulo Noronha Lisboa Filho, Rafael Nobrega Stipp, Regina Maria Puppin-Rontani

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    A series of experiments were conducted to characterize a novel restorative material. We explored the effect on biological, physical and chemical properties of glass ionomer cement (GIC) adding-the naturally occurring tt-farnesol (900 mM). Two groups were accomplished for all assays: GIC+tt-farnesol and GIC (control). Biological assays: 1) agar diffusion against some cariogenic bacteria; 2) S. mutans biofilm formation and confocal laser scanning microscopy-CLSM. 3) gtfB, gtfC, gtfD, gbpB, vicR, and covR expression; 4) MTT and microscopic morphology. Physical properties assays: 1) roughness; 2) hardness; 3) compressive strength and 4) diametral tensile strength. Chemical assay: Raman spectroscopy. The adding of tt-farnesol to GIC led to larger zones of inhibition (p<0.05), biofilms with a short-term reduction in bacterial viability but similar biomass (p>0.05). Polysaccharides levels increased over time, similarly over groups (p>0.05). Viable and non-viable S. mutans were seen on the specimens’ surface by CLSM but their virulence was not modulated by tt-farnesol. The tt-farnesol increased the HaCaT cell viability without impact on compressive and diametral tensile strength and roughness although the hardness was positively affected (p<0.05). Raman confirmed the presence of tt-farnesol. The incorporation of tt-farnesol into GIC inhibited the growth of cariogenic bacteria but had a little effect on the composition, structure and physiology of the biofilm matrices. Also, the tt-farnesol increased the hardness and the biocompatibility of the GIC, not influencing negatively other physical properties of the restorative material.

    Original languageEnglish (US)
    Article numbere0220718
    JournalPloS one
    Issue number8
    StatePublished - Aug 1 2019

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