Trauma Considerations

Gia Merlo, Steven G. Sugden

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Trauma is a complex phenomenon that has varying degrees of intensity and impairment for individuals who experience it. As a result, many develop chronic behavioral and physical health sequela that increase their interactions within the healthcare system. The chronicity of these symptoms is further complicated by their overarching adoption of shame, as an unintended chronic coping skill. Shame becomes a master or blanket emotion that suppresses other healthier emotions and healthy interactions with others and the individual’s community. As the majority of individuals have had traumatic exposures, it is hard for healthcare providers to know on the onset which of their patients experience ongoing sequela or not. Subsequently, unintended interactions with the healthcare system have worsened the trauma-related symptoms for many. Over the years, healthcare providers have been encouraged to adopt universal precautions for all blood-borne encounters. Similarly, healthcare providers are encouraged to implement trauma-informed care, universally, to all patients as a means to create healthier environments for healing.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 2023

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