Vertically aligned carbon nanotube field-effect transistors

Jingqi Li, Chao Zhao, Qingxiao Wang, Qiang Zhang, Zhihong Wang, X. X. Zhang, A. I. Abutaha, H. N. Alshareef

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Vertically aligned carbon nanotube field-effect transistors (CNTFETs) have been developed using pure semiconducting carbon nanotubes. The source and drain were vertically stacked, separated by a dielectric, and the carbon nanotubes were placed on the sidewall of the stack to bridge the source and drain. Both the effective gate dielectric and gate electrode were normal to the substrate surface. The channel length is determined by the dielectric thickness between source and drain electrodes, making it easier to fabricate sub-micrometer transistors without using time-consuming electron beam lithography. The transistor area is much smaller than the planar CNTFET due to the vertical arrangement of source and drain and the reduced channel area.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)4628-4632
Number of pages5
Issue number12
StatePublished - Oct 2012

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