Which AB scale? An extension

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The AB therapist “type” distinction appears to have potential for predicting differential therapeutic success. However, the proliferation of versions of the AB scale has led to confusion. In a recent attempt to reduce this confusion, Kemp and Stephens conducted a comparative analysis of nine different versions of the AB scale and recommended the continued use of three of these versions. The present investigation assessed the accuracy with which these three AB scale versions identify the same individual as an A or B. Considerable equivalence in predictive efficiency was found between the original Whitehorn-Betz 23-item version and a frequently used modification; however, the Campbell et al. 80-item revision was only minimally related to the other two versions, a finding which may account for recent contradictory findings using this version. Caution is recommended in future utilization of this latter revision as an assessment device presumably tapping similar aspects of cognitive-behavioral style as the scale versions used in other investigations of the AB therapist-type dimension.

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JournalJournal of Nervous and Mental Disease
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StatePublished - 1972

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